Rabindra Sangeet in Films – This Millennium


The songs composed by Rabindranath Tagore have always been a lifeline of Bangla films. For decades, they have been the voice of soul in our films, and when at the turn of the century a decision was taken to allow experimentation with the arrangement in Tagore Songs, there was a fear that it would be a disaster as far as preserving the sanctity of these songs was concerned. Has it really been the case on the whole?

Yes, there has been a Oo lala added to a Pagla Hawa in some cases, but Rabindra Sangeet has stood firm with its soul and its form preserved for the most, a few modern rhythmic adaptations like Jagorane jaaye bibhabori have actually worked, and in most cases even the form has remained as pure as possible. How much ever our storytelling might have changed, our filmmakers still fall back to the ever reliable and the deepest emotions of Rabindra Sangeet even today, and rightfully so.

Today, we look at some of the most soulful renditions of Rabindra Sangeet (in no particular order) in Bangla films of this millennium. The golden treasure keeps shining, and will always do.

01. Aji bijano ghare | Rupa Ganguly | Abosheshey (2011)


02. Jakhon porbe na more payer chinhoRupankar Bagchi | Shahjahan Regency (2019)


03. Chirosakha he | Srikanto Acharya | Chotushkone (2014)


04. Sakhi bhabona kahare | Jayati Chakraborty | Ekti tara khnoje (2010)


05. Sajani sajani Radhika | Jayati Chakraborty & Manomoy Bhattacharya | Billu Rakkhosh (2017)


06. Sraboner dharar maton | Arundhati Home Chowdhury | Aalo (2003)


07. Hriday amar prokash holo | Jayashree Dasgupta | Paromitar Ekdin (2000)


08. Tomaro ashime prano mono laye | Paroma Banerjee & Abhiroop Guha Thakurota | Noukadubi (2010)


09. Jibano maroner simana chharaye | Srikanto Acharya | Waarish (2004)


10. O je maane na mana | Supratik Das | Belaseshe (2015)


11. Gahono kusuma kunja majhe | Chandrayee Majumdar | Aabohoman (2009)


12. Doore kothaye doore doore | Rupa Ganguly | Abosheshey (2011)


13. Tori amar hothaat dube jaaye | Jayashree Dasgupta | Paromitar Ekdin (2000)


14. Tomare koriyachhi jibaner dhrubotara | Babul Supriyo | Kadambari (2015)


15. Amar praner pore chole gelo ke | Jayati Chakraborty | Jyeshtho Putro (2019)


16. Majhe majhe tabo | Sayak Bandopadhyay | Elar Char Adhyay (2012)


17. Era sukher laagi chaahe prem | Iman Chakraborty | Sweater (2019)


18. Bhara baadar maaha bhaadar | Manomoy Bhattacharya | Ghawre Baire Aaj (2019)


19. Dnariye achho tumi amar | Arundhati Home Chowdhury | Aalo (2003)


20. Knadale tumi more | Jayati Chakraborty | Abyakto (2020)


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