EEB ALLAY OOO : Calling For Existence


Because the basic human dignity of the marginalized has become a monkey business in this country!!

.. Prateek Vats‘s sharp political satire Eeb Allay Ooo that brilliantly inverts its lens for a bold commentary on the power dynamics between ‘Lutyens Monkeys‘ and ‘the common man at their mercy‘ is an essential viewing experience, more so now than ever before!

It is a tremendous commentary on how the marginalized migrant workers put their basic human dignity at stake to merely survive and exist becoming pawns in front of the resident monkeys of the most posh locality of the country, who have everyone from their devotees to the animal rights commission by their side.

One has to watch it to really internalize the unearth the rich subtext of the film. It is also a technically rich especially in its cinematography, shot design and the overall production design.

The film recently played at the We Are Won Global Film Festival and totally worth all the appreciation it is gathering. Do not miss the next chance to watch it.



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