CHOKED : PAISA BOLTA HAI – waivers its potential

When the human moral compass waivers, and greed chokes the ability to feel anything else, the relationships go down the drain!

Anurag Kashyap‘s latest Netflix film ‘Choked : Paisa Bolta Hai‘ works pretty well as a relationship drama, not so much as a socio-political commentary, and even lesser as a messed up thriller.

Roshan Mathew is the star here adding the most to the film’s impressive moments, while Saiyami Kher is as drab and ineffective as the film’s indulgent climax. Amruta Subhash adds spunk to her over the top character and reminds us yet again that we need to see her more.

There was much more to mine here underneath the complex layers of human emotions, and it was refreshing to see Kashyap continuing to experiment outside his typical comfort zone. But his political intent, his motivations, and the pressure to fall back to his own trap, eventually choked him and the film down.

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