Pancham – Dual Version Songs

The genius of R. D. Burman is remembered in terms of how he brought in a new sound to the world of contemporary or film music. Even if there were inspirations, he would take them and convert them into something totally different. He also kept reused his tunes, some times even within the same language. So Humein raaston ki zaroorat nahi hai (Naram Garam) easily metamorphosed into Saagar kinare (Saagar), of course this particular tune has had so many versions by so many composers. He kept reusing the prelude or interlude tunes of his songs to make new songs as well and there are again plenty to quote there. But the biggest bucket of Ek Sur Do Geet from Pancham’s discography comes from how he kept making twin songs in Bangla and Hindi from the same tune.

In most of the cases, the Bangla song was the original, it would have been released as a non-film Pujo song, and then it would have been smartly reused to make a fresh new Hindi song. But the reverse also happened, where the Bangla song came later. Also, at times the two versions of the songs would be vastly different in mood and tonality based on who sang it or how it was slightly transformed in rhythm or mood to make something new. It is a journey discovering this huge repository of such dual version songs, and the journey continues.

Here is an attempt to list down all the Dual version songs composed by R. D. Burman that I have discovered so far. Chances are I might have missed a few. Chances are I might not yet have discovered a few. So this will be a working list. Also given that the number of such songs is huge, there wasn’t another option but to go with a tabular format to bring it all together. Till we keep discovering more such twin songs, happy listening. And please leave a note behind if there is a suggestion to add more to the list. Over to Pancham now…

FilmHindi SongHindi Song LinkBangla SongBangla Song Link
1942 – A love storyKuchh na kaho ghum chokhe
1942 – A love storyRuth na jaana theke mone ki kore je jaabo
Aa gale lag jaaNa koi dil mein samaya katha niye ami kato
Aaja meri jaanAaja meri jaan kato je doore
AandhiIs mod se jaate hain mor cholar pathe
AandhiTere bina zindagi se koi jete pathe holo deri
Amar premYeh kya huya kaise huya ki holo keno holo
AnamikaMeri bheegi bheegi si pore Rubi Ray
AngoorRoz roz daali daali chhande gaane gaane
Anokha rishtaChal saheli jhoom ke jatra
Anokha rishtaTune ye jaana ek chena chena–68s
Apna deshDuniya me logo ko na tumi je
AzaadMain hoon tere prem diwani go premer katha
Bada kabootarHaaye re haaye re yeh dil mera jaire bela je jaaire
Bandhe haathYeh mere bandhe haath bole keno sahasai
Barsaat ki ek raatApne pyaar ke sapne sach huye swapno je shotti holo je
Barsaat ki ek raatHaaye who pardesi re pora banshi
Barsaat ki ek raatManchali o Manchali re phulkoli
Barsaat ki ek raatNadiya kinare pe otho surjayi re
BaseraAayungi ek din aar ekdin
BaseraTumhe chhodke ab jeene ko kachh theke
BemisaalAye ri pawan bina
BundalbaazRuk meri jaan kidhar jaataa hai katha hai se to koilo na re
CaravanAb jo mile hain to ki jaabo na
Chhote nawabAaj huya mera dil matwaala doley mon kaar ishara te
Dhan daulatShikwa koi tumse hoyechhilo
DhongeeWahaan chalo jis jagah chole jayi haathe hath rekhe
Dil padosi hainJaane do mujhe jaane do dao amaye deko na
Dil padosi hainMajhi re majhi kaala
DostDil to chaahe ye hamaara kemon tomar bhai
GangChhodke na jaana theke jao
Ghunghroo ki awazAnkhiyon ka kajra aalo chhaya te
GurudevAaja sun le sada ei to samay
HarjayeeKabhi palkon pe aansoo hai paar bhange o paar gore
Hum kisi se kam nahinBachna ae haseeno to mane na
Humare tumhareHum aur tum the saathi malati lata
HumshakalDekho dekho dekho main kitni sayaani melo katha keno bola jaaye
Jail yatraBachna o rajaji ojana pathe cholechhi
Jaise ko taisaSajan kahaan jaaungi main esho Anuradha
JawaniBheega bheega pyara pyara kaata khopar kaata
JawaniGali gali dhoonda tujhe jaani aami jaani
Jawani deewaniJaane jaan dhoondhta phir raha na kothaye tumi
Jawani deewaniNahi nahi abhi nahi chokhe katha balo
Jawani deewaniYeh Jawani hai deewani ki elo
Jeevan muktLaharaake dagar chali jaati hain kidhar chhinnobina
Jeevan muktPhoolon ke desh me bahaar leke go enechi
Jhootha kahin kaJeevan ke har mod par mon boli tomay
Jhootha kahin kaJhootha kahin ka mujhe aisa mila balo tumi krishna radhe
JurmanaO sakhi radhike baawri ho gayi ki achhe go
Kasme vaadeGumsum kyon hai sanam jhoom jhoom raat nijhum
Kasme vaadeMile do kadi kadi de reshmi chudi–311RiT0
Kati patangPyaar diwana hota hain gun gun gun
Kati patangYeh shaam mastani keno daake
Kehte hain mujhko rajaBam chika chika Bom chik bom chik
Kehte hain mujhko rajaJiya me toofan jagake bashi shunle e mon
Kehte hain mujhko rajaLiyo na babu na tanik piyo na jomechhe aaj
Khel khel meSapna mera toot gaya amar hariye gelo
KhushbooDo naino me aasoon bhare hain amate dekha hoyechhilo
KinaraKoi nahi hain kahin diye ele na
KudratChhodo sanam kaahe ka gham cheye bosechhilaam
Manzil manzilO meri jaan surjo aache
Manzil manzilYe naina yaad hai piya ke bhool gaye jadoo tomaar chokhe
Mardon wali baatO sajan beet na jaaye saawan rimi jhimi ei srabone
Mere jeevan saathiChala jaata hoon eka
Mere jeevan saathiDiwaana karke chhodoge boli tomay doore thako
Mr. RomeoDil toota kaande kaande re
MuktiPyar hain ek nishan kadmo ka–lnnjAModhumash jaaye
Namak haraamDiye jalte hain deke kato
NamumkinAye zindagi huyi kahaan bhool je kothaye
NaukriMaine tumko piyaa kah diya kakhon aashbe balo na
NikammaTere bina ab ek pal raha jaaye na bele tumi aami
Phir wohi raatPhir wohi raat aayi jaane jaan chhuri tor biya
Professor ki padosanMile jhoom ke milan rut aayi shune ki ghare thaka jaaye
Pyar ka mausamTum bin jaaun kaha din paakhi ure jaabe
Raahi badal gayeAasmaan se ek sitara pathale kal sakaale
Raaton ka rajaAi dekhon to yahaan edike eso
Rakhi aur hathkadiTum to kya ho ji katha aami je shudhu jaani
RockyKya yahi pyar hain bhalobasha
RomanceYeh zindagi kuchh bhi sahi to elo na
ShaanJaanu meri jaan hoye gelo
SunnyJaane kya baat hain naame brishti
The great gamblerDo labzon ki hain dil ki kahaani aaro naye kachhe thako na
UnreleasedPhoolon ki zubaan khubsoorat ho gayi gandho nei
Yaadon ki baaraatAapke kamre me koi dwarer andhokaare
Yeh to kamaal ho gayaNaujawaano me main bacha tha taane te jemon temon
Zamane ko dikhana haiPoochho na yaar kya hua jaabo amra

There goes a set of 86 twin songs already, and I am sure there is more to be discovered or something missed out. Let this list keep growing! Till then, To Melody! To Pancham!

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8 thoughts on “Pancham – Dual Version Songs

  1. Biswanath Ghosh

    Let me add some songs perhaps not in the list – 1. deke deke kato(rd) – diye jalte hai(namak haram) 2. tomate amate dekha hoyechilo (rd) – do naino mein aansoo bhare hai (masoom) – hay go amar mon mane na (asha) – hay bichua das goyo re(jheel ke us paar) – if any song is a repeat one please excuse me. Will try to add some more next.


  2. Mandar Chatterjee

    Pls add two dual version songs of Pancham Da on your list as mentioned below:
    Baba Khokha/Char Dinon Ki Yeh Zindagani (Gunahgaar 1980)
    Icche Kore Joriye Dhore/Waqt Aaya To Jaaneman (Siyasat 1992)


  3. Mandar Chatterjee

    Pls add two songs:
    Ichhe Kore Joriye Dhore (Ahankaar)/Waqt Aaya To Jaaneman (Siyasat)
    Baba Khokha (Bengali Puja Special)/Chaar Dinon Ki Hai (Gunahgaar)


  4. Mandar Chatterjee

    Pls add more songs:
    Ki Hobe Aar Purono Diner Katha Aaj Tule/Janu Na Main (Unreleased album)
    Main Hoon Tu Hai Aur Tanhaayi (Proffesor Ki Padosan)/Ichhe Kore Joriye Dhore (Ahankar)
    Baaj Uthe Ghunghroo (Chor Pe Mor)/Baajlo Je Ghunghroo (Jhankar)
    Bhulini Maa Doore Theke Tomay Dekhechi (Andha Bichar)/Bhoola Nahi Maa (Dushman)


  5. Mandar Chatterjee

    Let me add some more songs also:
    1. Aay Aay Ghum Aay (Purushottam)/Dil Kya Chaahe (Oonche Log)
    2. KI Labh Hobe Kore ei Chitkar (Purushottam)/Rang Rangeeli Raat Gaye (Gardish)
    3. Badal Jo Barse To (Gardish)/Tumi Rajar Kumar (Asol Nakal)
    4. Na Na Na Main Nahi Aati (Sautela Bhai)/Na Na Na Kache Esona (Ekanta Apan)


  6. Plaban Maity

    I made a playlist from this list on Spotify. playlist name ‘Dual Version R.D Burman’ if you wish you can listen.


  7. Jagmohan Lohian

    I think a Hindi song sung by Lata ji is also based on a RDB bangla song Tomate amate dekha hoe chhilo. But I don’t remember. Plz help me in this regard


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