MASABA MASABA: Cool and Confident

Masaba Masaba is that chilled out show that Netflix had always promised through its tag line!

Experimental and edgy, lighthearted and liberated, funny and fresh, the show never thinks twice to make fun of the pompous and pretty world it sets itself in, and yet lends itself authenticity in the way it draws from such genuine moments of affection and care between the mother and the daughter.

Two bold and beautiful women, who deal head on with the #HotMess of their life, and make it a sunny, seducing and sensational ride, while always having each other’s backs in the most trying times. They have their own worlds, they have their own struggles, and yet they have a common cosy corner that they call home. There is enough circus going on in both their lives, there is more impulse and more drama, that possibly comes in as a baggage in a privileged world. At some level, both are still childlike (juxtaposing Masaba’s shots seamlessly with the young child at places was a smart and sweet storytelling device that could have turned cheesy but doesn’t, given how neatly it was done and how cute the little girl was). At some level, they are the best friend to the other even when they are surrounded with very colourful companions of their own age group. At some level, they have their moments of nagging and irritation like many other grownups. But they never give up – on each other, and hence on themselves and their lives.

Sonam Nair and team borrow enough from the real life of the Guptas, from their beautiful insta stories, from the glitz and glitter of the entertainment and fashion industry; and then dare to create an intentional cheesy pitch to sarcastically laugh at the same privileged world that they breathe in. And then they elevate the show by neatly slipping in a story of raw vulnerability, of unbound courage, and of eventual human triumph into it by intimately observing through the ups and downs of this celebrity team of mother and daughter.

Neena Gupta is sweet and sensational as always and works her charm through the show like a breeze. And Masaba Gupta matches her shot for shot to make a really confident and impactful debut playing herself. She is a natural like mumma dearest and is the beating heart of the show. Will look forward to see more of this showstopper in front of the screen again sometime soon.

So if you really want to Netflix and Chill this weekend, give Masaba Masaba your time. Just 6 episodes of 30 mins each, there’s enough to enjoy in this cheesy but quirky show! Who wouldn’t like some good and playful vibes for the times we live in

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