AK vs AK : Meta Musings of Life

There is a reason why I think Vikramaditya Motwane is the most versatile, most fearless and most creative filmmaker currently working in Mumbai! The man doesn’t care whether his art will trigger the ringing of cash registers at the box office, but he will go to any length to make the most impressive films in the genres he will pick up, and challenge both art and life through it! And he will control his indulgence too. And then keep it accessible for all without trying to go too tangential. AK vs AK is another bold step towards establishing it!

Kudos Motwane, only you could have gone so fearlessly experimental, and make it work so well, for the most part! With anyone else, it would have just remained a surface layer narcissistic gimmick!

And kudos to both the AKs as well, Anurag and Anil for agreeing to do this, internalizing a meta script that doesn’t shy away from presenting them at their personal worst, and being part of this crazy journey that documents some of the darkest behavioral compulsions of the industry and actors, of filmmakers, of media, of the aam public, and of all their survival!

AK vs AK is now playing on Netflix and is definitely one of the most engaging things to have come out of Netflix India! Make time for it! It is a lot of eccentric fun! And a lot more!

And yes, cheers to Motwane again for all his fearlessness! #JhakaasXmas!

#AKvsAK #VikramadityaMotwane #AnuragKashyap #AnilKapoor

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