Kabhi Kabhie – Pot of Gold

Jhanjharon ka ye tham tham ke bajna
Yeh sawarna, nikharna, yeh sajna…
Kiski khatir hain kiske liye hain…
Kiski khatir hai kiske liye hain….
Zindagi chand sawaal aur kuch jawaab hi toh bankar reh jaati hai !!
Yash Chopra’s beautifully heartfelt Kabhi Kabhie is a love story for ages. From the outstandingly warm hearted Shashi Kapoor to the restrained & complex Amitabh Bachchan to the amazingly graceful Waheeda Rehman to the affectingly vulnerable Rakhee, there is such a charm and timeless appeal to this passionate tale of love, frustration, attachment and detachment. Add to it the freshness that Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh and Naseem bring to the mix, and the terrific music by Khayyam, and we have a classic that still breaks us, that still makes us fall in love. Like many great films, one always wishes that the ending of the film had maintained the same sombre tonality of the rest of the film. But for everything that Kabhi Kabhie offers, that part can possibly be ignored.

Kabhi Kabhie has aged beautifully and still stays so relevant. Whenever Yash Chopra made films dealing with relationships and unconventional love stories (as we again see with Lamhe years later), he always cracked gold. Wish he made more and more of such classics in his life time.
Tu apni adaayein baksh inhe.. Main apni wafaayein deta hoon…
Jo apne liye sochi thi kabhi… Woh saari duayein deta hoon…..


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