ANGOOR : Double Bonanza of Enjoyment

Angoor (1982) was the adaptation of Comedy of Errors by the legendary Gulzar Saab. But it was not the first time Gulzar was trying to adapt the same. Gulzar had earlier written the script for ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ (1968) based on the same idea for Bimal Roy Productions. But since Bimal Roy was on the deathbed at that time, his assistant Debu Sen made the film with Kishore Kumar and Asit Sen playing the leads. That film did not work unfortunately. The failure of Do Dooni Chaar kept haunting Gulzar. It was too juicy a story not to find a fan following, so years later, he remade the film as Angoor with Sanjeev Kumar, Deven Verma, Mousumi Chatterjee and Dipti Naval playing the lead roles. The rest we know is history. #Angoor is celebrated as a cult classic today, and rightfully so. Gulzar had his own ways of mining gold.

(PS : All Angoor fans must watch the terrific ‘Bhranti Bilash’ (1963) in Bengali which was a much earlier adaptation of Comedy of Errors, with the lead roles brilliantly dawned by Uttam Kumar and Bhanu Bandopadhyay along with Sabitri Chatterjee, and is even a bigger personal favorite than Angoor.)

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