SHERNI : The Tigress on the Run

The Tigress out there is fighting alone to survive in a jungle that’s turned into a mess by anarchy, whims and fancies of a bunch of bad boys! The rot is deep, the traps are furious, the adversary exists in various forms! The metaphor is strong and leaves its pug mark trails throughout the length of the film.

Amit Masurkar had enough meat here to stew a sumptuous experience with a lingering after taste. Unfortunately at times his process remains inconsistent, and the uneven switch between slow burn docu style storytelling and the parallel layered complex human drama doesn’t deliver the necessary gripping bite to stay uniformly invested throughout.

There are enough metaphors sprinkled all around – through a domesticated kitten making herself comfortable in a new alien place, or the ‘development’ copper mine (lure for progression) keeping the ultimate green habitats illusive for the surviving beings, or how political adversaries literally and figuratively sound and behave just the same; but all these and more of the intriguing ingredients by themselves do not come together seamlessly to create a satiating delicacy that will be remembered for long as was the case for Newton.

There are things that definitely work very well in parts, Vidya Balan is terrific after very long, we wished to see more of Brajinder Kala or Neeraj Kabi, and the world comes a full circle as Vincent finds herself displaced from a misfit loner in a party to her final exile destination in the stunning last sequence. But Sherni overall deflects and deviates haphazardly like the search trail of T12, leaving some frustrating footprints behind. There could have been a lot more to this expedition.

Amit Masurkar’s SHERNI is now playing on Amazon Prime Video.

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