#HOME : And its Sugar Sweet Heart

Rojin Thomas‘s new Malayalam movie ‘Home‘ can be brushed off as saccharin sweet and too emotionally manipulative to be considered as one of those feel good movies that we will go back to again and again and discover new things. Personally if I have to watch movies on dysfunctional families, I would watch a ‘Kumbalangi Nights’ or a ‘Kapoor and Sons’ any day over a ‘Home’, because the former films have relationship dynamics playing at multiple levels of depth and intrigue, and have characters arcs that are fuzzy and complex which gradually get delayered over time. Home is not that film.

But in a world where we are bogged down with so much negativity and despair all around, where the extended periods of our isolated living are widening the cracks of all relationships, and where most of the OTT content these days is unnecessarily dark and edgy for the sake of it, there is definitely room for cinema like ‘Home’ as well, and at one level it succeeds in taking over and controlling or even overwhelming us emotionally as it is designed to do. Which is not necessarily a bad thing always.

At some level, Home does induce some sort of guilt trip as well, possibly in each one of us, as we start identifying some shade of an Anthony deep within us and how we are only getting more and more disconnected in our self centered world where we are a little less sensitive and a little more inert with every passing day having lost the personal touch to technology, and have stopped relating to the unstated bonds of affection all around us.

“I’m always imperfect at my Home” – Says Anthony at one point of time in the film and we realize yet again how much we take things for granted in the protected cocoons of our home where we are most comfortable at, without really making the effort to be slightly better versions of ourselves everyday, without having the gratitude to count our blessings and push ourselves to make others around us smile a little more.

Home isn’t a perfect film just like the realization of Anthony. It is too long as well with some unnecessary overstretched subplots too. But it works, and especially works in the times like we are living in today. It has its heart at the right place like Oliver Twist, the central lead of the film. Watch it also for a heartwarming performance by Indrans as Oliver, and some well blended light humor that Thomas infuses in this sentimental film to make it a balanced decent watch. And watch it as a family if possible.

Home is now playing on Amazon Prime Video.

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