MODERN LOVE – Season 2 : Has 3 Beautiful Stories to Tell

“Here’s to healing… In all its forms…”

  • On a Serpentine Road, With the Top Down
  • The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy
  • A Second Embrace, with Hearts and Eyes Open

The Season 2 of Modern Love becomes a worthwhile watch because of these three exquisite shorts! They are beautiful to the core, simmering with the warmth of fondness, with a fuzzy charm of most emotional connects of the heart. When it comes to the matters of the heart, all it needs is the space to breathe, to feel the presence of your loved one irrespective of where they are now, what the past equation has been, or how different your daily lived in worlds are. There are no golden rules to compatibility, there isn’t a right or wrong on where you want the heart to flow, even if that means clinging on to memories very personal to you, or giving yourself a second chance to make new memories, or giving up a bit of yourself to make space for the other you without setting the pre-conditions to change. All the beating heart needs is the warmth, the trust and sense of protection around it to stay honest, to stay vulnerable, to feel loved. And all these three stories narrate this in their gay abundance. Just beautiful stuff!

The rest of the stories honestly aren’t at the same level and they sum up to be average at best, a couple of them being completely forgettable. That way, Season 1 was a stronger bag of stories on the whole where most of them were good to very good, though that one had a couple of odd ones as well.

It would be wonderful to check out the actual columns from The New York Times – Modern Love though, because sometimes the beauty of writing can get lost in the on screen visual translations.

It is still a good idea to make time for Modern Love – Season 2, if nothing else, but for the three highlighted episodes, and enjoy a relaxing time with a smile on the face and a drop of tear in the corner of your eyes.

The show is streaming on Amazon Prime Video since a couple of weeks now.

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