TURNING POINT: 9/11 and The War on Terror – Is a Must Watch

TURNING POINT: 9/11 and The War on Terror is a 5 part docu-series directed by Brian Knappenberger currently showing on Netflix and is a Must Watch. Tracing the entire journey from what led to 9/11 till the timeline of August 2021 when US Forces withdrew from Afghanistan with the country immediately falling to the Taliban regime, the series delves deep into the US War against Terror and where it went wrong with its approach of mixing Terrorism with Terror that led to giving unforeseen authority to the government for uncontrolled use of US brute force across countries and their people who had no apparent links with 9/11. The docu-series also keeps its spine upright and does not take any sides of Democrat vs. Republican and points unhinged fingers equally at the Bush, Obama, Trump or Biden administrations and where they all went wrong.

While doing all that, it does not lose sight of the heart wrenching human stories of 9/11 and covers some of the most moving footages and memoirs of 9/11 survivors and families of victims, including reconstructing the events of the fateful morning with empathy and sharpness alike, and brings alive the horrific memories of the incident that rocked the world 20 years ago, but never left us. The visuals still raise goosebumps, the proceedings still feel unbelievable, the scars still feel fresh.

Each of the 5 episodes is more than an hour long, but the storytelling is so compelling and the darkness so insightful, that one never feels the length of any of these episodes. The details with which the proceedings of the detention camps of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are covered truly reveal the horror that went on in these camps in the name of justice, while the narration ensures that both sides of the stories associated with these centers are covered and presented leaving the conclusions to be derived by the viewer rather than trying to force feed a narrative.

The docu series does an excellent job in bringing forward the futility of the ‘Good War’ that the US raged in Afghanistan for 2 decades leaving the country and its people in shambles while fueling the return of the Taliban regime through an orchestrated set of moves leading to the current horrifying crisis that the mountain nation faces.

With all aspects of the human, political, judicial and military stories covered with sufficient depth and breadth, Turning Point becomes one of the most impactful docu-series to have come out on Netflix this year. The timing could not have been more appropriate with the 20th anniversary of 9/11 knocking our doors in a few days and with the horror story of Afghanistan unfolding in unprecedented ways. Do make time for it, it is worth those five hours and some more, and in fact stays on with you for much longer after the end credits have rolled.

TURNING POINT: 9/11 and The War on Terror is currently showing on Netflix.

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