LITTLE THINGS Season 4 : Maine Socha Na Tha

For all those who have been following Little Things for 3 seasons now know that it is a series that traces the little things and sweet nothings that Dhruv and Kavya share, a committed couple who have been in love and in a live in relationship for about 6 years now. The progression of the series, just like their journey, has been a sweet and bumpy ride of mixed bag moments. At times we get to know them as a couple deeply in love who are far more committed and caring than possibly what they would have been if married. At other times they come across as unsettled, unsure, scared of commitments, and way too distracted with what their own personal problems are, sometimes pulling them away from each other. Add to it the challenges of a long distance relationship, the issues surfacing with unhappy jobs, bruised egos, and fear of losing each other over distance, and the journey becomes even more tentative but very relatable. In a way we moved along with the ups and downs of Dhruv and Kavya over multiple seasons, and where we were left at the end of Season 3 left enough curiosity in us and enough flame alive in them to see where Season 4 and their final journey takes them to.

Little Things Season 4 starts off exactly 14 months or so after the final pit stop of Season 3, where we get to know that Dhruv had spent this time in Finland and Kavya with her parents in Nagpur to figure out what they really want in their lives. Season 4 kicks off with them meeting each other after 14 long months on a vacation to Kerala, and it is clear how this long period away from each other has left them somewhat cold, tentative and changed from who they were. Frankly the season’s flow and appeal also follows this exact emotional mindspace of the love birds. In an 8 episode season, it takes 4 full episodes for them to get warmed up to each other again and for us to feel the same for the show. The impatience starts to pinch and there is a point one honestly wants to give up and call it quits, as these first 4 episodes are possibly the weakest of what we have seen of them to date (even surpassing Season 2, which according to me, has been the most thanda run of Little Things till now). It especially bothered me to see Dhruv Sehgal (Dhruv) to be so rough on the edges and cold in his presence, because honestly he has so far been the lifeline of the show, adding stability and depth of to the sometimes wavering off ways of Mithila Palkar (Kavya). Dhruv seemed uncannily out of depth and sometimes too rehearsed to really feel the connect with him, and Mithila also appears uninvolved in the proceedings.

Things begin to look up again from episode 5 when the couple has again moved back to Mumbai and trying to find their groove back, reigniting their lost spark, and honestly episodes 5 and 6 are possibly the best written and performed episodes of the show this time. We also start seeing the resurgence of the realistic and more involved portrayals of the central characters by both Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar, and that can only be good news for the show. You start getting a sense as well of where the show is heading towards, and while that may not exactly be to your prediction of what you would have thought would be the end point of the show after everything they went through, you flow along with them and their worlds willing to give them a chance for their tomorrows. Episodes 7 and 8 are predictable that way and dip on impact from the promise that the previous two episodes show. The packaging gets glossy, sugary, playing to the gallery, and loses the connect to the soul.

Bitter sweet is how I had always felt was the most natural relationship arc of this couple, but the makers want the audience to indulge in more of the cosy, comfy, syrupy sweet moments between Dhruv and Kavya, lending wings of courage to their dreams, somewhere diluting their entire journey to that point and themselves questioning the more relatable character arcs that we stayed invested with. I am sure that would work better for a large of the audience searching for their own Little Things with Dhruv and Kavya, and want to live on with their dreams. Possibly only a handful like me would keep thinking the more impactful and memorable note the journey could have ended on had it been more real, more open ended, and more porous for interpretations. That way, cannot help but feel somewhat let down by how the show had started off trying to be different, and where it finally decides to take itself to following some of the predictable beats giving in to the popularity card in all probability.

Anyway, Little Things has never been about the big final moments and destinations but more about the journey of some real touch and feel moments between Dhruv and Kavya. So chances are that you may still find your moments of cosy warmth and togetherness smiles even through the ups and downs of Season 4, irrespective of whether there final designed stopover is to your liking or not. Take the journey. Find it out for yourself.

Little Things Season 4 is now playing on Netflix.

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