The Bappi Lahiri beyond his Disco Beats

Bappi Lahiri, who was rightfully called the Disco King for hindi cinema, is no more with us, and is hopefully swaying to his rhythmic beats in a better world. True, what he did to the disco phenomenon for hindi cinema is something that clearly sets him apart and laid footprints that would remain for life. But there is an utterly melodious side of Bappi Lahiri that often gets overshadowed, which should not be, because it has a bunch of gems, both popular and rare. Today, as we mourn the passing away of this prodigal music director, here’s looking at 12 of my favorite songs of Bappi Lahiri that stand firm, drenched in melody, and are equally a part of the legacy that Bappi Lahiri has left behind outside of disco. Just my personal choices, in no particular order, and there are many more that I could add to the list. But I just stayed with twelve for now.

  1. Shaam Rang Ranga Re | Apne Paraye (1980) | KJ Yesudas | Yogesh

2. Aao Tumhe Chand Pe Le Jaaye | Zakhmee (1975) | Lata Mangeshkar, Sushma Sreshtha | Gauhar Kanpuri

3. Chanda Dekhe Chanda | Jhoothi (1985) | Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar | Maya Govind

4. Sab Kuchh Toh Hai | Josh (1985) | Asha Bhosle | Amit Khanna

5. Kissi Nazar Ko Tera | Aitbaar (1985) | Asha Bhosle, Bhupinder Singh | Hasan Kamaal

6. Saiyyan Bina Ghar Soona | Aangan ki Kali (1979) | Lata Mangeshkar, Bhupinder Singh | Shaili Shailendra

7. Yeh Naina Yeh Kaajal | Dil Se Mile Dil (1978) | Kishore Kumar | Amit Khanna

8. Sooni Sej Sajaa Doon | Jyoti (1981) | Lata Mangeshkar | Anand Bakshi

9. Tum Jabse Jeevan Me | Kissi Se Na Kehna (1983) | Asha Bhosle | Yogesh

10. Maana Ho Tum Behad Haseen | Toote Khilone (1978) | KJ Yesudas | Kaifi Azmi

11. Bheega Bheega Mausam | Suraag (1982) | Lata Mangeshkar | Kaifi Azmi

12. Mere Dil Me Tu Hi Tu Hai | Bhavna (1984) | Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh | Kaifi Azmi

Rest in melody Bappi Lahiri, along with your rhythm. And like we would always croon to – Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna…

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