Third Vantage Point is an independent platform to look at and analyze Movies and Music from well – the third vantage point!  The journey started on Facebook in January 2017, and moved to a structured blog only by November, 2018.

The platform is founded by Jayashree Chakravarti, more as an avenue to share her love for cinema, art and anything related to that. She is an engineer by education and an techie by profession, but its the cinephile in her that primarily drives her emotions and expressions.

The platform primarily looks at Hindi and Bangla cinema, with occasional perspectives on Regional and World cinema as well.

You can find all the latest reviews, opinion pieces, Best-of lists, year-end roundups, retrospectives and more – all under one single platform.

Follow the blog for timely and relevant updates. We are also on Facebook as ‘Third Vantage Point’, the Twitter handle is @thirdvantage, and on Instagram as @ThirdVantagePoint .

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