In one of the very important scenes of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Sahil Mirza, a struggling playwright by profession says – Humara jo yeh natak hain na, aap dimag se nahi dil se dekhiye. In a way, Sahil is impersonating the writers of the film here, because just like him, even they are rather lackluster writers through and through, and write a half hearted drama sans soul jisme woh true love wali feel nahi aati. Yes it stays fairly superficial, simplistic and ornamental all along. Which is sort of sad because the story is written by trans-woman Gazal Dhaliwal and writer director Shelly Chopra Dhar, who should have treated it with far more maturity to actually realize the intent of breaking barriers and #SetLoveFree.

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MARY POPPINS RETURNS : With Her Life Lessons


That Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns was the same witty, magical, assertive and lovable nanny to a bunch of beautiful children is not a topic of focus for this write-up. That Emily Blunt was absolutely fantastic as that superpower charmer, and completely blended into the nostalgic character isn’t either. But in the garb of the mystically charismatic world that this beautiful film takes us into, it also imparts us with some of the most useful life lessons to be nurtured for a life time. That I think is the biggest plus of this film – its a treasure trove of inspiration to live life in the most magically magnificent ways. Here are some of the best life lessons that the film leaves us with:

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RUBARU ROSHNI : Tales of Life


Death follows Birth, but Life is Eternal‘ – We come across this message in one of the stories of Rubaru Roshni, and it possibly summarizes what this deeply poignant film stands for. Directed by Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal and backed by Aamir Khan Productions, Rubaru Roshni intimately documents three amazing stories of life, death, and life after that death.

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Bharat – Teaser on expected lines

Bharat – the new Salman Khan film which ia planned for release on Eid 2019, relased its teaser today, and it looks like a typical larger than life Salman film catering to the expectations of his fan base. The teaser focuses on no one else, the repetitive blanking out of screen is jarring, and the rest of the screen space is all about the superstar which well is equally jarring. Khan and director Ali Abbaz Zafar have given huge commercial hits before without the films being any good. This one seems no different, more to be sensed through the trailer.


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KOODE : Lust for Life


So I finally watched Anjali Menon‘s Koode yesterday night, a film that I wanted to watch for long, and finally had the opportunity once it released on Hotstar Premium recently. Quickly scribbling what I thought..

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Ahaa Re – A delicious affair?

The trailer of director  Ranjan Ghosh‘s new film Ahaa Re is out, and it could be a delicious affair if spiced up subtly and cooked as a simmering delicacy. Starring Rituparna Sengupta and Bangladeshi actor Arifin Subho, the premise seems interesting over two strangers connecting over food. Of course, we have already had The Lunchbox and Once Again in this genre, both brilliant films. Will Ahaa Re get anywhere close? Or will it come out overcooked? We will have to find out.


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Oscars 2019 : Complete Nominations


The nominations for Academy Awards 2019 were announced earlier today.

The period comedy-drama The Favourite and Netflix’s black-and-white epic Roma lead this year’s Oscar race, with 10 nominations each. The other contenders include A Star Is Born and Vice with eight each, followed by Black Panther with seven. Black Panther is the first superhero movie to be nominated for best picture.

Find the complete list below. The awards ceremony will be held on February 24th, 2019.

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SONI : The Battles Around and Within


Ivan Ayr‘s new Netflix film Soni is a must watch. It thrives on its minimalism, and says so much about the inherent patriarchy and gender terror prevelant at every nook and corner of the society we live in – doesn’t matter if it is the dark deserted bylanes of a big city, the secured classrooms of the most modern schools, the police headquarters itself, or the posh interiors of the homes of A list administrators of our country.

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Dear Srijit Mukherji,

Many years back, when I had first read Shankar‘s Chowringhee, I could not come out of a trance for days. The deft writing, the complex relationships, the interconnected lives, and the heartbreaks did not leave me for very long. Shankar had very skillfully captured the intricacies of the era in which he had based his story, but the characters that he created and the stories of their lives were timeless and ever relevant. It is hence natural why you would have felt the urge to adapt the same. It was a tricky and dangerous thought though, after all Chowringhee the book or its first on screen adaptation have become a legend over years. I had my apprehensions too. The first sneak peak into your trailer had reduced some of that anxiety, the world of Shah Jahan Regency that you created was looking good in a capsule, and I desperately wanted to see a good full length film as immersive as the trailer.


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Let me start by saying that when the first trailers of Uri: The Surgical Strike came in, it did not appeal to me. On the surface, it seemed to be cut out of the same hyper-nationalist jingoistic fabric as a typical J.P. Dutta film that flourishes on dialogbaazi. As a result, I never really felt excited to watch the film for about a week, but finally decided to go for it today to celebrate its success which is already on its way to become the first super-hit film of 2019. Let me start by happily confessing that my initial perception was proven wrong, and sensationalist jingoism is the least of problems of this film. Sadly though, it still misses the target of becoming good impactful cinema, and has bigger problems to deal with. Hence, all we get in the end of it is a strictly average and quickly forgettable cinematic experience.

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