Mayurakshi – lost in stagnation

Some very good performances in Mayurakshi get lost in wilderness due to an almost non existent script! Prosenjit shines in all his scenes, Indrani Haldar is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise brooding film; and though Soumitro gets his body language pretty accurate for the old solitary man, his dialog delivery is a struggle these days!

Eventually it all turns to be a pretty forgettable act because of its painfully sluggish pace and flat screenplay. Not the kind of film one would like to close 2017’s movie watching @ theaters with! Sigh!



Sahaj Paather Gappo – Dazzling colors of innocence


There are films that bedazzle you, there are films that leave you moved by sheer scale or the aura or performances of big names associated with it, and then there is Sahaj Paather Gappo that leaves you dumbstruck by its simplicity and innocence, personified beautifully by Gopal and Chhottu! No wonder then that both Nur Islam as Chottu and Samiul Alam as Gopal have very deservingly won the National award for best child artist, bringing this category back to Bengali cinema after 30+ years!!

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Byomkesh O Agniban is unwatchable


Anjan Dutta needs to realize that a story punch of three outings from the Satyanweshi can become a terrible overdose going all wrong just like a cocktail punch can go all wrong leaving you with a terrible headache! I guess that sums up Byomkesh O Agniban in short! A film that never finds its grip with seriously overdone characters including Swastika, Ankita and Anjan himself amongst all others, this one leaves many questions unanswered with a poorly executed script and some lousy editing! And the actors who played the young Byomkesh and Ajit were pathetic to say the least!

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Projapoti Biskut leaves very little aftertaste


Projapoti Biskut is a Huge drag from start to finish.. ! It seems like a novice attempt of film making to acting to everything – Anindya Chattopadhyay was really good with his last outing at Open Tee Bioscope, and had created the genre and the north calcutta nostalgia so well.. I am not sure what he actually tried here – or whether the movie became so ridiculous because the producers Nandita Shiboprosad did not want Anindya to be at his natural self!!

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Asha Jaoar Majhe is poetry on celluloid


Asha Jaoar Majhe completely justifies the supreme appeal and essence of the word ‘Chalochitro‘… Where the universal language of labor of love is best communicated through the mundane silent chores of daily living… where the small and big pauses during the day would echo so much louder than what a thousand dialogues would have attempted to speak…

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Alikh Sukh is horrible cinema!

I learnt one lesson the hard way last week – it is that even if you have nothing else to do, you should not waste time watching a Shibaprasad Nandita Roy film even on TV for your own mental good! Alikh Sukh is so obnoxiously over the top, with every single character in the movie overreacting like pathetic carricatures(!), that the usually oh so melodramatic Rituparna Sengupta actually looks the most sane and subtle in the film! Unbelievable! Pure horror – nothing else!

Chhaya O Chhobi – is an opportunity lost


Overall Chhaya O Chhobi is an okayish one time watch… But it just does not have the texture and feel of a Kaushik Ganguly film, and that is a Big disappointment in itself! Especially when he had hit the bull’s eye with his last outing in Bisorjon..

A film within a film, and that too in the serene lap of Darjeeling – the possibilities could have been endless here, but Kaushik barely scratches the surface, and does not get into the depths of the different shades of grey that he tries to build up on.. And that is clearly an opportunity lost!

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Bishorjon shines with spectacular Jaya

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Kaushik Ganguly‘s Bishorjon stands tall on the extremely strong and able shoulders of Jaya Ehsan… She is so good in every frame and is so effectively cast, that the film would have lost all its sheen had it been anyone else in that role! She gets a very able support from Ganguly the actor all throughout, significantly more than what she gets from Ganguly the director surprisingly! And then there is Abir Chatterjee who tries hard, but pales out compared to the other two…

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Byomkesh Parbo – A near disaster


Watched Arindam Sil’s latest Byomkesh Parbo on the first day of 2017. And the start was far from desirable! Not that I was expecting a breathtaking suspense thriller, but this one was pretty close to a disaster! Completely over the top acts even by seasoned actors like Rajatabha and Rudranil, the script is fairly weak for an even weaker story! There are several inconsistencies in creating the period (half rimmed spectacles of Byomkesh – really? and there are too many of them), we have totally unpalatable action and dance sequences, severe caricatures in the name of characters, hideous makeups of Byomkesh in the name of hideout getups, and what not!

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