Feluda : 50 Years of RAY’s Detective – A nostalgic trip

Let me begin by stating that for a generation of Bengalis, Feluda is not just a detective or the first childhood hero. Feluda is a much larger emotion. He is you growing up through your childhood, Topshe is you making Feluda an integral part of that childhood. And through the world of Feluda, somehow the genius who created this icon became far more accessible to you even during your growing up years, when some of his other work was more complex and aspirational for the young mind. For many like me, Feluda (who in a way impersonated the maker himself) was our first introduction to the magical world of Satyajit Ray.

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RUBARU ROSHNI : Tales of Life


Death follows Birth, but Life is Eternal‘ – We come across this message in one of the stories of Rubaru Roshni, and it possibly summarizes what this deeply poignant film stands for. Directed by Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal and backed by Aamir Khan Productions, Rubaru Roshni intimately documents three amazing stories of life, death, and life after that death.

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BIRD OF DUSK : Quest for Tranquility


Bonomali tumi paro janome hoyo Radha…

The sorrow of these lines reverberates all along, as Bird of Dusk (Sandhyer Pakhi) flutters its wings over an exquisitely crafted and deeply poignant nostalgic cinematic world of Rituparno Ghosh. It was a pleasure watching the award winning documentary film on the late maverick filmmaker at Nandan last evening, a rich and delicate tribute of filmmaker Sangeeta Dutta for her dear friend and long time associate. It is an evocative piece of cinema very lovingly crafted by Dutta and her team that is a befitting ode to the Renaissance Man of Bengali cinema. The man, who not only captivated all hearts and minds through his brand of sensitive cinema, but also became the voice and identity of a generation by his unflinching stand on life’s most important choices.

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