THE FATHER : Alternate Reality to Piku

“I feel as if I am losing all my leaves. The branches and the wind and the rain. I don’t know what is happening anymore around me.”

‘The Father’ is the alternate reality to ‘Piku’, had Bhashkor Banerjee went on to live longer, and had Piku ended up with someone less understanding and matured than Rana.

The reality of Anthony and Anne in The Father is so achingly devastating that one can only feel a little more comforted about the predicament of Piku, her baba and their life.

PS: Anthony Hopkins shatters you to pieces through a beyond extraordinary performance. Doesn’t matter that he will still lose out on the Oscars a month from now.

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1917 : Spectacle with a Soul

Enough and more has already been said about the awe that you are left with as you experience the cinematic spectacle called 1917, and how the tremendous craftsmanship of Sam Mendes wonderfully integrates everything from the ‘one take‘ cinematography in constantly changing war terrain, to impeccable battlefield action choreographed against mighty impressive warzone design, to terrific editing, to pitch perfect sound design and background score, to deliver the most compelling and visually enthralling theatrical experience in a long long time.

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HOTEL MUMBAI : Humanity Under Attack

Hotel Mumbai, the cinematic dramatization of the horrific 26/11 attacks in Mumbai eleven years ago, by the Australian filmmaker Anthony Maras brings back chilling memories of one of the worst terrorist attacks ever anywhere in the world. The inhuman episodes of terror went on for three longs days and ended up with loss of human life of the worst kind and harrowing experience of the lucky survivors that will haunt them forever . While Maras briefly touches upon the initiation of the attacks at the VT station (to stitch in the Ajmal Kasab story point) and Leopold Cafe; his primary focus is to recreate the incidents that happened at Mumbai’s iconic Taj Palace hotel before, during and after the incident. This was ofcourse the site where the terror prolonged for the maximum amount of time, resulting in very high casualties.

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TOY STORY 4 : A Heart Tugging Tale of Existentialism

When a twenty five year old animation franchise feels as fresh, lovable and heart warming even in its fourth outing that is here after nine long years since the last Toy Story, you don’t get surprised at all. After all, it is a happy family of cute, vibrant, dynamic, helpful and extremely matured bunch of toys who only want to feel loved at all times, and want the same for the kid they belong to. Their’s is a magical world where they are far more humane than the humans around them, and thrive by the emotions of togetherness, loyalty, wanting to make the world a wonderful place for the kids, and themselves. They also live with the biggest fears of obsolensce – of not being loved any more, of becoming a rejected lost toy, or of their datedness making them less relevant and desirable with time as they get passed over to new kids or new toys come and join the universe. But even in these most trying times and a struggle for existentialism, they still stick on to their wholesome goodness, united and loyal, to make this world a better place – to infinity and beyond!

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MARY POPPINS RETURNS : With Her Life Lessons


That Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns was the same witty, magical, assertive and lovable nanny to a bunch of beautiful children is not a topic of focus for this write-up. That Emily Blunt was absolutely fantastic as that superpower charmer, and completely blended into the nostalgic character isn’t either. But in the garb of the mystically charismatic world that this beautiful film takes us into, it also imparts us with some of the most useful life lessons to be nurtured for a life time. That I think is the biggest plus of this film – its a treasure trove of inspiration to live life in the most magically magnificent ways. Here are some of the best life lessons that the film leaves us with:

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Black MIRROR: Bandersnatch is the latest Netflix standalone film of the franchise which is path breaking in the sense that it gives the viewer the sense of control on a medium of which she was only a mere spectator so far. The viewer is practically impersonating the lead character Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) and taking life altering decisions on his behalf as the film progresses, with the film giving you multiple interactive options at various points of the story to choose and proceed. Some of the choices just aid you to warm up and settle down and have no material impact, while a few lead to a path with a practical dead end, and then there are choices that completely alter the course of action and take you to various alternative end depending on the combo of selects. Its an excellent idea on paper, and you cannot help appreciate the thinking that series creator and writer Charlie Brooker and director David Slade bring to the table. For all we know, this might be a stepping stone for interactive digital entertainment and its possible future in days to come.

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BIRD BOX : Makes as little sense as its title

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Susanne Bier‘s new Netflix film Bird Box could be the weirdest psychological horror film in a long long time. The post apocalyptic premise doesn’t mean that everything becomes a free pass. The script is laden with illogical situations at every juncture, and you can end up feeling stupid trying to reason some of the plot points.

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MOWGLI – LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE : Is Dull and Disappointing


Andy Serkis must have had a vision when he decided to make yet another film on the Rudyard Kipling classic The Jungle Book. Yes, he wants to stay closest to the original story written, and he wants to recreate a dark and disturbing world around the characters many of us have grown up loving, but in the process he loses the essence of the film completely. There is hardly anything legendary about Mowgli – Legend of the the Jungle. Rather it comes across as trying too hard to be savage and fierce, with a lot of gimmick in its presentation, but completely loses out on the enigma of the jungle and the atmosphere that sucks you in to its world.

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A STAR IS BORN : When Art Rules!


To summarize it, A Star is Born is an emotionally rich and musically scintillating journey of two individuals in search of completeness – made up of various elements of dreams, talent, fame, love, companionship, trust and loss.

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FIRST MAN : First Rate


First Man could easily become a handbook for some of our filmmakers of how authentic biopics should be made without emotional manipulations, unnecessary heroism, or forced adrenaline moments of glory. Through the film, Damien Chazelle tells a completely grounded human tale of a man who found a place in history more because he was destined to take that one small step, rather than being the natural first choice for a historic mission of such nature for mankind.

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