KEDARNATH Review : Leaves you partially drenched!


When the first rushes of Kedarnath were released, it was aptly clear that the heart of the film lies in a troubled love story set in the gorgeously pristine locales of the pilgrimage site, which is likely to use the lifestyle traits and the pulse of the region to garnish its story; and the catastrophic tragedy of the 2013 floods will only be an extended climactic plot point of the film. And not surprisingly at all, the film delivers exactly that. Hence, why the focus of the film is on other things and why there is very little focus on the tragedy was a mute point for me. What was important then is whether the film effectively told the story that it intended to tell in the first place, and how strongly did it draw its inspirations, if at all, from any of the other tragedy movies like Titanic.

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2.0 Review : Spectacle Soars, Cinema Loses!


When was the last time when spectacular visual extravaganza comes and hits you from all possible angles constantly and still leaves you exhausted by the end of it? Well, it just happened to me today. Dot.

Shankar, with his vision for the extraordinary, creates a sensory overload on screen as 2.0, but works through the assumption that heavy VFX can more than make up for complete lack of narrative in the process. He chooses an important message to deliver in these digitally mobile times, but doesn’t garnish it enough with engaging content for audience to connect and feel for the cause.

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RAJMA CHAWAL Review : A Recipe Gone Wrong!


The latest Netflix film Rajma Chawal is over spiced, under cooked and hence turns out to be quite a disaster!

Its a film that tries too hard to raise the Dilli wale emotions – a loud caricaturish family whose conversations don’t have the flavor of the rajma chawal or the chai that they have together, the boy who performs with his band on a chhad of purani dilli and sulks in front of Connaught Place, the girl who forces in her hipster attitude with razer cut hair and a barcode tattoo, and a man who flirts with technology to be cool for his millenial son and doesn’t flinch for a second to hire a girl to have a fling with him and ensure ghar waapasi.

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THUGS OF HINDOSTAN Review : True to its Title


Thugs of Hindostan – What’s not to roll in our seats laughing when it is so unintentionally hilarious, and so cinematically bankrupt! Because other than a logical script, interesting characters, foot tapping music, engaging action, and palatable VFX, it has well everything else!

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TUMBBAD Review : When Horror Becomes Poetic!


When Folklore marries Fantasy marries Fear marries Fine Imagery, you get a gorgeous Film like Tumbbad. As a very ambitious project, it wants to leave a deeply philosophical message about the horrors of greed and how it creates monsters out of humans far scarier than literal gory demons who at least have nature imposed limits they cannot cross. But the human greed is a limitless pit and man keeps falling into it again and again, not realizing how the curse is gradually engulfing him and his entire lineage leaving nothing behind to take forward.

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BADHAAI HO Review : Celebrating Goodness!


Badhaai Ho is a beautiful film. And its not because it possibly delivers the best humor of the year so far. But it becomes so much more effective because it doesn’t just trivialize the important but awkward issue of accidental geriatric pregnancy in the garb of comedy, but adds adequate depth to it with the right balance of emotions and well blended sentimentality. The film can boast of landing some of the most crackling lines of recent times perfectly laden with bouts of laughter; but the biggest strength of the film lies in how well each of characters at Kaushik’s and Sharma’s are developed, the kind of bond and understanding that they get to share with each other, and the complete redemption arc that each of them traverse to overcome the social predicament and welcome the little one with open arms.

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ANDHADHUN Review : Aphrodisiac for Good Cinema



Years ago, John Lennon had left profound thoughts behind when he sang along “Living is easy with eyes closed”. With Andhadhun, Shriram Raghavan almost pushes us deep into the same metaphorical world with his rhetorical question and response – “What is life? It depends on the liver“.

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PATAAKHA Review : A Dazzling Experience


The sparkle of Vishal Bharadwaj’s latest oddball comedy Pataakha lies in the fact that in spite of riding on a wafer thin plot about two loud squabbling sisters who themselves do not know what do they fight for, the film keeps one fairly entertained and hooked at large, generating frequent chuckles and raising pertinent thoughts on futility of war at the same time. The quirky, dark and situational comedy plays out well primarily because of the authentic milieu it is able to create powered by terrific writing, great performances by the entire ensemble, in sync background score, and great attention to detail in building up the rustic charm.

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SUI DHAAGA Review : Vibrant Colors Of Happiness


There are films that wow us with their layers & complexities, or captivate us with their gritty reality & unpredictability. And there are other kind of films that still wow us with their simplistic endearing qualities, or captivate us with their emotional but inspiring cinematic moments. They tell us stories we know and have seen before – but that honestly does not matter because they shine through the vulnerability and honesty of simple middle class dreams we root for; dreams we see patching up through the known twists and turns, dreams that weave seamlessly into vibrant colors of happiness, honor, and heroism.

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MANTO Review : Bhula Huya Afsana


If Manto as a movie experience were to be summarized in a one liner, it would read – A film that is ‘designed‘ for the festival circuits! It is not to say that it does not deal with Saadat Hasan Manto’s life seriously, it does. The issue is that it takes itself a bit too seriously, and builds on certain assumptions that does not go with its intent.

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