SUNO : A Call of Conscience

Shubham Yogi‘s new short film SUNO is extremely relevant and timely for today’s times as it brings the conversations around marital consent, entitlement and domestic violence to the center stage. The film becomes far more effective as it chooses to tell the story in an urban elite setup, where it is almost considered a given that both partners in a marriage will be far more woke and empathetic in their understanding for each other’s agency and concurrence for a conjugal encounter.

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A MONSOON DATE : An Emotional Ride

Tanuja Chandra‘s new 20 minute short film A Monsoon Date is a thought provoking portrayal of a tensed and yet confident woman fighting the demons of her life and searching for acceptance for who she is. Written by Ghazal Dhaliwal, the film traces a rain drenched monsoon evening of Mumbai, where the protagonist Konkona Sen Sharma is on her way for a date with a man she has met about a month back.

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MEAL Review : When Silence Speaks The Loudest

In Abhiroop Basu‘s short film titled Meal, silence speaks the language of chaos, decay, and overall societal disintegration. We meet a loveless family of four that is struggling to get over an abusive domestic situation in their own ways. They don’t exchange a single word between themselves, but their anger, pain and everything falling apart around them is evoked through a series of very strong visuals of a chaotic household. In a way, this home in focus is also a derivative of the society at large that is the victim of the widespread communal hatred and looming violence – as we hear echoing from the radio bulletin in the background.


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FOOL FOR LOVE : Illusions of Life

Satarupa Sanyal wants to tell the ever relevant story of illusions of love or loneliness in life in her new short film Fool For Love. 

Bittu (Ritabhari Chakraborty) is stuck in love of her childhood sweetheart Allen (Anurag Kashyap), however life’s script written for them doesn’t allow them to spend enough time together, and Allen is gone for months at a stretch. And at the same time, there is something in that relationship that doesn’t allow her to move forward with anything else in life, and every time she tries, he comes back (in form or in spirit?)

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SHAME : A Glorious Mess!


Anusha Bose might have had a great idea in her mind when she conceptualized her latest short film Shame. The idea would have been to peep into the world of the invisible working class of the posh hotels and what happens when their hidden desires are exposed in the hands of rich people with far more hidden darkness. Sadly, the film she makes does no justice to her concept. It has a tonality that shrills and a treatment that does not know how to moderate itself to remain as sleek as the surroundings it florishes in.

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DETOUR : Works its way into the heart

Watched a series of short films over the last few weeks, and I always get intrigued by how much these shorts have to say within the five or ten minute capsules. But often it so happens that in order to grab the audience attention and to create an impact, the makers try to give a forced twist to the story without really organically integrating it to the narrative. This happened with Rogan Josh, Justaju, Tu and a slew of other shorts recently, and they all left me disappointed. Detour is an exception to that.

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