LITTLE THINGS S2 : Loses Charms of Life


Little Things Season 2 does not start speaking to you instantly like Season 1 does. It takes a lot of time to settle down, and the initial couple of episodes do test your patience. They start pushing you back to Season 1 because that format of well capsuled fifteen to eighteen minute episodes with just five episodes at play worked much better for this millennial feel good drama about Dhruv, Kavya and their impulsive but sparkling life full of little things. Their spunk, their whimsicality and their fresh baked love felt warm and mushy when served that way.

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SHARP OBJECTS : Eerie Brilliance!


Sharp Objects was an absolute stunner, and the season finale just matched up to all the eerie atmospherics that the show built up over all the episodes.
(Note – Discussion can have spoilers)

A brilliant slow burner, the show takes you over gradually with its dark and disturbing story about a bunch of psychotic characters, all trying to hide the darkest secrets even from themselves, and all trying to run away from themselves, their past, their present and everything around them.

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GHOUL : Fails to expose the demons within


GHOUL – the new Netflix miniseries disappoints on multiple accounts.

While it delivers on atmospherics purely due to good cinematography, it fails majorly on drama due to rather poor writing and messy direction, and hence fails to tell an important story that it wanted to. We get glimpses of all the subtext it wants to establish, but none of that is developed or given the desired depth, and hence the entire experience remains non engaging.

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SACRED GAMES : The Righteous. The Ruthless.


The new Netflix Original Sacred Games is not an easy watch at all. You know it in the very first frame of the web series. You know it even more by the time you have completed the last episode of season 1. The later especially is bound to leave you deeply disturbed and in a state of shock for an extended period of time. Must confess that I am still traumatized to an extent, the content in many places is way too dark for me. And yet, it is still a terrific watch because of its fabulously smart direction, taut writing and screenplay, outstanding lead performances, extraordinary support cast, great production values, finely blended background score, sharp cinematography and seamless editing, all of which come together to narrate an extremely gripping tale.

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