Best Bengali Film Songs of 2019 – Ranked


We are reviewing the Best of Indian Cinema in 2019, and look at the Best Bengali Film Songs of 2019. We have already reviewed this for Hindi Films and The Best Hindi Film Songs of 2019 are listed Here.

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Best Hindi Film Songs of 2019 – Ranked


As we are wrapping up 2019, it is time to look back at what films and music had to offer us this year. This is also the end of the decade, and we have already done a series of articles on the Best of the Decade. Today we shift focus of Best of the year and begin with Hindi Film Music to look at the Best Hindi Songs of the Year.

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Best Performances of the Decade in Bengali Films


As we have been looking at the Best of the Decade for some time now, we conclude the Decade Series today by looking at the Best Performances in Bengali Films over the last 10 years. The rest of the coverage on Best of the Decade is all available Here. We had specifically looked at the Best Bengali Films of the Decade, and it is obvious that many of them had some fascinating performances that made them so special. But there are also one off performances in some other films that didn’t make the cut as a film, but that took nothing away from a standout performance of the film. As the stories got more complex, the characters also evolved and provided a good scope for actors across age groups, genders and social arcs to shine. Such was the impact of certain films that they made space for more than one performance in the Best Of list or at least secured Honorable Mentions. There were actors who clearly dominated the list with two or sometimes even three performances securing their berths – no surprises there that Ritwick Chakraborty, Kaushik Ganguly, Prosenjit Chattopadhyay or Swastika Mukhopadhyay featured more than once.

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Best Bengali Films of the Decade – Ranked


The 2010s is coming to a close and we are in the process of compiling the Best of what cinema had to offer for us from 2010 – 2019. We have already done a few articles on Hindi Films, listing the best films, best performances and the best musical albums of the period. You can find all articles related to the Best of the Decade Here. Today we start the journey for Bengali films, and will recall the Best Bengali Films of the Decade.

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Best Hindi Films of the Decade


This is our continuing retrospective series to look at the Best of the Decade, and today we will revisit the Best Hindi Films of the Decade. We have already looked at the Best Performances in Hindi Films by Female Actors and Male Actors respectively, and we also revisited what were the Best Hindi Film Music Albums during this period, all the listings triggering good discussions and healthy debates. As we sit down to list the Best Hindi Films of the decade, the task begins to go tougher.

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Best Performances of the Decade by Male Actors in Hindi Films


In our series for looking at the best of the decade, the current focus is on Performances in Hindi Films. We have already looked at The Best Performances by Female Actors for the Period 2010-2019 and it ended up being an extremely rich list of great performances. The task for arriving at the Best Performances by Male Actors was even tougher. As much as there is an increased focus on writing more and more strong female characters, it remains a fact that most of our stories in Indian cinema are still primarily centered around men and their complex worlds. Most of the storytellers are men, the demand of the box office is also skewed, and hence the art and commerce both ensure that the space and scope that the leading men have is enormous. The good news is that the potential and the depth of the craft of our fine actors even surpasses the opportunity size, and hence we have seen some tremendous performances delivered by the leading men over the last decade.

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Best Performances of the Decade by Female Actors in Hindi Films


As the passing decade from 2010 – 2019 evolved in pushing the boundaries for storytelling and the kind of subjects that could be handled, it widened the scope for actors across the board. The roles and the performances got more fearless, their character arcs had the scope to be more grey in nature, and there was a space for stronger and more powerful women to exist in those stories. And we got some wonderful performances from our leading ladies to shine through and through these characters.

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Year End 2019 – Best of the Year and the Decade

It is that time of the year when we start looking back at the Best of films, performances and music of the year. This year is special as we are also winding up a decade, and hence we will also retrospect across the entire decade over the next couple of months and come up with the Best of films, digital content and more over various languages. We will keep appending the links of all such blogs in this index post, so keep watching this space for more:

Best of the Decade (2010 – 2019)


Best of the Year 2019

Best Hindi Film Albums Of The Decade – Ranked

The passing decade of 2010 – 2019 has been special in terms of how cinema molded itself to be more experimental, more fearless and breaking more boundaries. The phenomenon was true irrespective of film industries and languages and naturally we see the impact in Hindi films as well. As stories evolved, so did the music; and hence as we look at some of the Best Hindi Film Music Albums of the Decade, we see a very interesting mix of traditional, contemporary and experimental music.

PicsArt_11-14-04.37.58__01 (1)

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Essential KHAYYAM : A Dozen Soulful Gems

Mohammed Zahur “Khayyam” Hashmi, fondly known as Khayyam, has always been one of those legends who had always let his music speak instead of himself. And it does speak beautifully, reverberating in melody & pathos, creating its own soothing soulful aura.

A second world war veteran, with growing up years deeply impacted by partition, Khayyam found his calling in music composition as early as 1948 for the film Heer Ranjha, when he made his debut along with partner Rahman Varma as Sharma’ji of the Sharmaji – Varmaji composer duo. However this partnership didn’t last long, as Rahman Varma decided to move to Pakistan, and the event turning a blessing in disguise for Khayyam. He soon found his footing as an independent music composer for Biwi in 1950, and from that point on Khayyam didn’t ever have to look back.

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