Happy Birthday Basu Chatterjee!

The world of Hindi Cinema has got a lot of its simplistic and heart felt beauty courtesy the warm and endearing cinema of Basu Chatterjee. Along side Hrishikesh Mukherjee, he made those evergreen everyday commoner stories that we could all relate to, revolving around protagonists who were so very you and me. A Chhoti si Baat, Baaton Baaton Me, Khatta Meetha or a Rajanigandha hence become any time watches for many. At the same time, there is the brilliantly adapted Ek ruka huya faisla, or Swami, or Apne Paraye, which have their own emotional and cinematic appeal. With Kamla ki Maut, a story and a style was chosen much ahead of the times. That is the versatile talent of the man, as much as we try to box him within a sugary sweet zone.

Happy 89th birthday Basu’da! The treasure chest of Hindi cinema looks far more richer for the gems you added to it.



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Amol Palekar- celebrating simplicity!

One Man! Many Moods! One great filmography!

Happy 74th Birthday to the quintessential common man next door! Yet each character made so memorable by sheer craft!


Tabu – Magic on Screen

To the most talented actress of this generation possibly… Happy Birthday! Keep surprising us!


Classics Revisited – Justjoo jiski thi

जुस्तजू जिसकी थी उसको तो न पाया हमने
इस बहाने से मगर देख ली दुनिया हमने…

तुझको रुसवा न किया, खुद भी पशेमाँ न हुये
इश्क़ की रस्म को इस तरह निभाया हमने…

कब मिली थी कहाँ बिछड़ी थी, हमें याद नहीं
ज़िंदगी तुझको तो, बस ख़्वाब में देखा हमने…

ऐ अदा और सुनाये भी तो क्या हाल अपना
उम्र का लम्बा सफ़र तय किया तन्हा हमने…


Piya Tose – Timeless Composition!

While the day has been spent listening to the brilliance of the Master in each of his creations from Guide to Pyaasa to Sujata to Jewel Thief to Kaagaz ke phool to Bandini to Tere ghar ke saamne and more, here is one of the brilliant recreations of one of his best composed songs ever! This shows how relevant SD Burman and his tunes are even today, and how fresh they still can be! There won’t be another music composer ever like Burman Dada 🙏🎼🎻🎹🎤❤️

A big thumbs up for Jonita Gandhi too!

Happy birthday SD Burman !

Hrishikesh Mukherjee – Cinema For The Soul!

These are the few of my favorite things!

Remembering one of the greatest magicians of Indian Cinema on his 96th birthday! He did not make films, he just portrayed life as it happened to you and me!

In absolute awe of his craft! Forever!

#HappyBirthday #HrishikeshMukherjee #AllTimeFavorite 


Tanuja turns 75!

Vibrant, spunky, elegant and classy at the same time – she is always so full of life, and breathes her beautiful free spirit to all characters she plays!

Always endearing, always a favorite!

Happy 75th birthday Tanuja!


MahaNayak – Shubho Janmodin !

Nayak – MahaNayak – Shubho Janmodin !

Remembering the ultimate matinee idol through Ray’s masterpiece on the legend!

The Best of the Versatile Genius – Rafi Saab

Mohammad Rafi:Khuda ke insaan” is what he would be often referred to… I personally think he is Khuda himself, and will always remain so for music… It will be 38 long years when he will be gone securing his abode in God’s place, but there is not a single moment when he is not a part of our everyday life through his immortal music.. ‘Suron ke Sartaj‘ Mohammad Rafi will continue to breathe amidst us every day.. There are songs of his that I listen to every single day, and here is recalling my #MostFavorite25 of his solo songs in no particular order… After all, its almost impossible to choose his top 5 or top 10 songs or rank them… And there is a treasure out there of so much more…

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The legend of Bimal Roy

The man who spoke through pictures…
The man who turned everything he created to a classic…
The man who mentored the likes of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Gulzar in their initial days…
The man who was the pioneer of telling simple, subtle, meaningful and pathbreaking stories through his cinema…

That is the brilliance of Bimal Roy, and his world of magical films… Gone too soon, his films are still relevant with their bold social commentary… Too many brilliant films but Sujata, Bandini, Do Bigha Zamin and Kabuliwala are special favorites…

He would have turned 109 today….