Roundup 2018 : The Top 10 Playback Performances in Hindi Film Songs

Kicking off the yearly round up of 2018 with the Music category, here is looking at what were the Best Playback Performances both for Male and Female Singers for Hindi films of the year.

Though the overall music scenario looked relatively dull till the first half of the year, it beautifully picked up towards the second half courtesy some excellent soundtracks especially coming from films like Manmarziyaan, Andhadhun, Laila Majnu, Sui Dhaaga or Kedarnath. There was still a lot of noise coming in the form a deluge of remixes, but the following playback performances were all soul and made it permanently to the recurring playlists of the year.

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In the wrap up for the segment of Bengali Cinema in 2018, here is looking at the best and worst of what was on offer this year. A disclaimer here is that this retrospection is based on around the twenty odd films of the year that I watched of the ones that got theatrical releases. I did not get an opportunity to catch up on some of the films that technically did festival circuits this year only, and will find a larger release only in 2019. 

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Bengali Films in 2018 had some good stories to tell, and saw some good writing at play to create a few memorable characters brought alive by some brilliant performances. At the same time, we saw some miserably poor or highly disappointing performances in multiple films as well. Let us find out more about who shined and who disappointed in their performances for both male and female actors ranked by preference. (Do note that this is based on theatrically released films that were watched. Hence outstanding performances in films that did the festival circuits only might have been missed out, since they are yet to be watched.)

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We start the year end roundup for 2018 by looking back at some of the best that Bengali Film Music had to offer, but then music is often above language. And happy to start on the note that it has actually been a good year for music in Bengali Cinema. For the past couple of years, other than one album here and two songs there, nothing was good enough to stay with you for long. But this year, there have at least been a few albums and quite a few songs that have played on playlists through the year. Here is looking at the best overall bengali film albums and the most memorable bengali songs from the year. Tune in…

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YEAR END ROUNDUP 2018 – Hits & Misses

Hits and Misses of Hindi and Bengali Cinema 2018 – primarily looking at Music, Performances and Overall Films.

Bengali Films

Classics Revisited – Jiya Laage Na

Kya jaane kyun hai
Kya jaane kaisi andekhi si dor
Jo khenchti hai, jo le chali hai
Ab yun mujhe teri ore

One of the most misunderstood films of our times, but a brilliant brilliant take of heartbreaks, personal trauma and seeking closures.

#6YearsOfTalaash #UnderappreciatedGem #WhenLoveHurts

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye – Smartness Galore!

Kamao to Zero! Churao to Hero!!

Almost a template for making a quirky, smart comedy! A decade and still fresh!


Amol Palekar- celebrating simplicity!

One Man! Many Moods! One great filmography!

Happy 74th Birthday to the quintessential common man next door! Yet each character made so memorable by sheer craft!


Deepika and Ranveer – Shimmering Couple!

Perfect day to remember a film on its milestone as we saw “the talk of the town” couple together on screen for the first time sharing a scintillating chemistry in this passionate drama with typical Bhansalisque texture – a film that worked wonderfully in parts!

#5YearsOfRamLeela #PassionatelyGorgeous

Congratulations! Wish You A Wonderful Life Ahead!