Jaatishwar – Five years of love!


The finest film of Srijit Mukherji

The career best performance of Prosenjit Chatterjee

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Happy Birthday Basu Chatterjee!

The world of Hindi Cinema has got a lot of its simplistic and heart felt beauty courtesy the warm and endearing cinema of Basu Chatterjee. Along side Hrishikesh Mukherjee, he made those evergreen everyday commoner stories that we could all relate to, revolving around protagonists who were so very you and me. A Chhoti si Baat, Baaton Baaton Me, Khatta Meetha or a Rajanigandha hence become any time watches for many. At the same time, there is the brilliantly adapted Ek ruka huya faisla, or Swami, or Apne Paraye, which have their own emotional and cinematic appeal. With Kamla ki Maut, a story and a style was chosen much ahead of the times. That is the versatile talent of the man, as much as we try to box him within a sugary sweet zone.

Happy 89th birthday Basu’da! The treasure chest of Hindi cinema looks far more richer for the gems you added to it.



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Deepika Padukone – The Power Woman!

As Piku, she was the perfect portrayal of the independent but imperfect young woman living life on her own terms…

As Tara, she was the shooting star in Ved’s life who anchored his dreams and his purpose of life…

As Naina, her maturity was beyond her age that rooted her love for Kabir over her need for constant validation…

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KAAGAZ KE PHOOL : Everlasting Fragrance of Withered Flowers

#60YearsOfKaagazKePhool   #CelebratingUnboundLove

There couldn’t have been a better title to Guru Dutt‘s melancholic and yet poetic masterpiece Kaagaz ke Phool! Leave the film aside, the title itself is reminiscent of the genius that was Guru Dutt. In three simple words, it exposes the fake intricacies as well as use-how-you-want-and-throw-after-that practices behind the walls of the elusive world of cinema. And at the same time it stands for the most delicate and most fragile saga of love and loss. No wonder, after six decades of its release (yes, the classic completed sixty glorious years of its being), it remains as relevant as ever. How much ever it was trampled and rejected by the audience back then (to the extent that it devastated Dutt to the core), the fragrance of those withered flowers continues to command cinematic awe and celebrate wounds of the heart in equal intensity to this date.

maxresdefault (1) (1).jpg

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Classics Revisited – Jiya Laage Na

Kya jaane kyun hai
Kya jaane kaisi andekhi si dor
Jo khenchti hai, jo le chali hai
Ab yun mujhe teri ore

One of the most misunderstood films of our times, but a brilliant brilliant take of heartbreaks, personal trauma and seeking closures.

#6YearsOfTalaash #UnderappreciatedGem #WhenLoveHurts

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye – Smartness Galore!

Kamao to Zero! Churao to Hero!!

Almost a template for making a quirky, smart comedy! A decade and still fresh!


Amol Palekar- celebrating simplicity!

One Man! Many Moods! One great filmography!

Happy 74th Birthday to the quintessential common man next door! Yet each character made so memorable by sheer craft!


Deepika and Ranveer – Shimmering Couple!

Perfect day to remember a film on its milestone as we saw “the talk of the town” couple together on screen for the first time sharing a scintillating chemistry in this passionate drama with typical Bhansalisque texture – a film that worked wonderfully in parts!

#5YearsOfRamLeela #PassionatelyGorgeous

Congratulations! Wish You A Wonderful Life Ahead!


Tabu – Magic on Screen

To the most talented actress of this generation possibly… Happy Birthday! Keep surprising us!