Oye Lucky Lucky Oye – Smartness Galore!

Kamao to Zero! Churao to Hero!!

Almost a template for making a quirky, smart comedy! A decade and still fresh!


Amol Palekar- celebrating simplicity!

One Man! Many Moods! One great filmography!

Happy 74th Birthday to the quintessential common man next door! Yet each character made so memorable by sheer craft!


Deepika and Ranveer – Shimmering Couple!

Perfect day to remember a film on its milestone as we saw “the talk of the town” couple together on screen for the first time sharing a scintillating chemistry in this passionate drama with typical Bhansalisque texture – a film that worked wonderfully in parts!

#5YearsOfRamLeela #PassionatelyGorgeous

Congratulations! Wish You A Wonderful Life Ahead!


Tabu – Magic on Screen

To the most talented actress of this generation possibly… Happy Birthday! Keep surprising us!


JWM – is a Special Imtiaz Ali Film

“Kyun khel rahi ho apni zindagi se Geet?

Kyunki yeh mera favorite game hai, Zindagi! Jaise logon ka hota hai na Badminton, Cricket, mera bhi hai, zindagi!”

Aditya and Geet, and all that they stand for individually will remain love forever….



Classics Revisited – Justjoo jiski thi

जुस्तजू जिसकी थी उसको तो न पाया हमने
इस बहाने से मगर देख ली दुनिया हमने…

तुझको रुसवा न किया, खुद भी पशेमाँ न हुये
इश्क़ की रस्म को इस तरह निभाया हमने…

कब मिली थी कहाँ बिछड़ी थी, हमें याद नहीं
ज़िंदगी तुझको तो, बस ख़्वाब में देखा हमने…

ऐ अदा और सुनाये भी तो क्या हाल अपना
उम्र का लम्बा सफ़र तय किया तन्हा हमने…


Pujo is here!

Ruku babu is also all set to welcome Ma Dugga.. Devi Pakshya has arrived afterall.. Happy puja everyone!



Piya Tose – Timeless Composition!

While the day has been spent listening to the brilliance of the Master in each of his creations from Guide to Pyaasa to Sujata to Jewel Thief to Kaagaz ke phool to Bandini to Tere ghar ke saamne and more, here is one of the brilliant recreations of one of his best composed songs ever! This shows how relevant SD Burman and his tunes are even today, and how fresh they still can be! There won’t be another music composer ever like Burman Dada 🙏🎼🎻🎹🎤❤️

A big thumbs up for Jonita Gandhi too!

Happy birthday SD Burman !

October – Happiness Blooms!

Good morning October! 🌸💗

A great time to remember the best film of the year once again!

A great song that spreads life and happiness to the times.. times that mark the beginning of the festive season for many!

Chal chhoti chhoti seeli seeli shaamein jee lein chal..
Chal aadhi aadhi thodi jhoothi chai pee lein chal…
Chal thodi si hain meri saasein dono jee lein chal….