When No Means No!

“Sabko lagta hai ki hum gaane waale log hain, to koi bhi aasaani se baja bhi dega.. par ab aisa nahi hoga…”

Relevant like never before! Doesn’t matter what the person’s professional or social status is, her / his comfort and consent is most important!

And how well was it projected in this #FavoriteFilm

To all Anarkalis out there – the world is with you!

#MorePowerToHer #TimesUp

Its raining bangla films this pujo!

Six major bengali releases on the same day (this Friday) to capitalize on the Pujo festive spirit!!
Don’t they end up cannibalizing each other’s business?? Shouldn’t they have spread out a little bit at least from the previous week? I understand that unlike me some may be interested in catching up on many of these, but will they actually find time for all?

Also worried that with this supply and demand to cater to, whether The First Man or A Star Is Born or even Tumbbad will get even a few screens!

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Indians at Race for Oscars

Rima Das, and your entire team – Village Rockstars (India)
Adil Hussain, Ekavali Khanna & Sheeba Chadha – What Will People Say (Norway)
Irrfan & Parno Mittra – Doob: No Bed Of Roses (Bangladesh)

All the very best to all of you as your film competes with the best of best at the Academy Awards platform! May more and more people the world over watch your film!

Hirani – The Redeemer!

So Rajkumar Hirani is the guardian angel of Sanjay Dutt who has now created a redemption platform to humanise all of the maligned superstar’s actions, and manipulate emotions in his typical hammered down melodramatic style to evoke sympathy for the ‘wronged’.

Next we will possibly see such a guardian angel coming forward for Salman Khan as well.

And well – Controversies and their redemption – both sell like hot cakes!

Screen monopoly!

So Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and the recent Oscar snub Sean Baker’s Florida Project do not manage to get a single screen to release themselves because 3500+ screens across the country have been jammed down by a certain Tiger and his ‘Baaghi-ness’! How sad can that be!

Breaking Barriers – Testing new grounds

As lovers of cinema or of specific actors, we often get to set images of our favorite stars and don’t appreciate them if they do something else, while their profession demands them to do things that are different! Yes all actors have their limitations of emoting or do certain characters better than the others, but its appalling that we outright dismiss good attempts as well! I believe it takes a lot of courage for a Salman Khan to break the larger than life images of Dabbang, or Ek tha Tiger to do an emotional Tubelight; or an Aamir Khan to attempt a complete nuisance of an over the topcharacter in Secret Superstar! But we just think that they did not fit in!! Ranbir Kapoor has faced the biggest brunt of it – he does a Bombay Velvet or a Jagga Jasoos with as much ease as a YJHD, but we always critique on his choice of roles!! Just beats me how we tend to fit everyone in boxes and don’t like if anyone deviates from conforming !!

Strong subjects with weak endings

My last weekend’s watch was a good trigger point to start pondering about movies that dealt with strong subjects, did well in the content build-up, dared to be different but had a rather weak ending that either ruined the overall experience or at least left me wanting for so much more. And there are multiple such movies. Wanted to tee off the topic by quoting two such immediate recalls..

1. MILI – This one still remains my most favorite film of my most favorite actors of all time – Amitabh and Jaya, and was beautifully conceptualized and directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, well almost till the last shot. For a film that was so strong on content and on restrained emotions, somehow that last shot of the father seeing off the aeroplane from the terrace seemed like a hurried end, not knowing how else to draw the end frames. Do I have an alternate end in mind – no! I am not qualified enough to think through and end for this classic, but then a terrific director could have certainly explored a much stronger end – after all he already gave us such a classic and ever memorable end with Anand!

2. SILSILA – Here is a Yash Chopra classic that dared to be extremely bold to bring the most controversial real life affair to reel and managed the casting coup of the decade by getting all the 3 stars to play their parts! The subject was dealt with a lot of honesty and frankness and had a perfect build up courtesy some nicely integrated side characters. But then the climax faltered, and how! This could easily be ranked as one of the weakest climaxes that could ever be again giving a feel that the creative team did not know what to do with the end! The box office debacle that the movie suffered could easily be attributed to that climax!

What else comes to mind? Also how different would you have wanted the end to be?