Best Performances by Female Actors in Bengali Films of 2019 – Ranked


2019 has been one of the much better years for Bengali films after a rather poor offering of quality films over the last few years. A good indication of the quality of bengali films this year is in the fact that 6 films secured either a listing or an honorable mention in the top 30 bengali films of the decade. Naturally, good films and stories led to several great performances as well, and we see certain actors who repeatedly performed well across films. Hence we look at the Top 10 Female Actors in 2019 who delivered the best of performances across one or many bangla films released this year.

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ROBIBAAR – Delayering Deceit

Through Robibaar, filmmaker Atanu Ghosh wants to take the audience on a journey of delayering love, heartbreak and deceit that are essential elements of the complex human mind. There are shades of black and white in everyone, everyone is struggling with boxed up memories and hasn’t really been able to go forward much with life where it really matters, and the frustration has led to a sense of opportunism in everyone.

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Best Performances by Male Actors in Hindi Films of 2019 – Ranked


Even though 2019 wasn’t particularly a very strong year for Hindi Films, the reason it turned out good in terms of performances because there were wholesome ensemble films right from Gully Boy to Article 15 to Sonchiriya that had brilliant performances stacked on top of each other. Some films also provided ample scope for very young actors to shine like stars. And then there were films where seasoned actors took a backseat for younger talent to lead the show, but there was still enough and more in them to still be recognized as the best acts of the year. In fact there was so much to choose from that instead of top 10, the decision was to recognize the Top 15 Performances by Male Actors in Hindi Films of 2019.

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Best Performances by Female Actors in Hindi Films of 2019 – Ranked


2019 was not the greatest of years for Hindi Films, but thankfully the role and scope for female actors continued to evolve. They were anchoring many stories front and center, and even in ensemble films, there were enough and more layers in their characters to stay with you for long. These women were strong and vulnerable at the same time, they were flawed, they were common women with all their issues, and they were deeply relatable. So in spite of being a moderately cold year overall, there was  a plenty of range to love and choose from for picking up the Best Performances by Female Actors in Hindi Films of 2019.

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Best Bengali Film Songs of 2019 – Ranked


We are reviewing the Best of Indian Cinema in 2019, and look at the Best Bengali Film Songs of 2019. We have already reviewed this for Hindi Films and The Best Hindi Film Songs of 2019 are listed Here.

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Professor Shanku O El Dorado : As Flat as it Can Get

It takes some special kind of talent to make a boring film out of Satyajit Ray‘s most exciting character, and that too when he is making his on screen debut. Prof. Trilokeshwar Shanku has been a brilliant enigma for many of us since the very childhood, we have only been amazed by his brilliance and his very special inventions, even his pet cat Newton is a work of science (or art?)! His adventures have had repeated reading value and has left us wowed every single time. But then Sandip Ray has some special powers when he can convert such a thrilling central character and his dazzling universe to a film that goes as flat as possible. That is the world that Sandip Ray creates with Professor Shanku o El Dorado.

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Best Hindi Film Songs of 2019 – Ranked


As we are wrapping up 2019, it is time to look back at what films and music had to offer us this year. This is also the end of the decade, and we have already done a series of articles on the Best of the Decade. Today we shift focus of Best of the year and begin with Hindi Film Music to look at the Best Hindi Songs of the Year.

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Best Performances of the Decade in Bengali Films


As we have been looking at the Best of the Decade for some time now, we conclude the Decade Series today by looking at the Best Performances in Bengali Films over the last 10 years. The rest of the coverage on Best of the Decade is all available Here. We had specifically looked at the Best Bengali Films of the Decade, and it is obvious that many of them had some fascinating performances that made them so special. But there are also one off performances in some other films that didn’t make the cut as a film, but that took nothing away from a standout performance of the film. As the stories got more complex, the characters also evolved and provided a good scope for actors across age groups, genders and social arcs to shine. Such was the impact of certain films that they made space for more than one performance in the Best Of list or at least secured Honorable Mentions. There were actors who clearly dominated the list with two or sometimes even three performances securing their berths – no surprises there that Ritwick Chakraborty, Kaushik Ganguly, Prosenjit Chattopadhyay or Swastika Mukhopadhyay featured more than once.

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Surjo Prithibir Chardike Ghore may not be a perfect film, but it deserves to be watched.

How far will one go in his or her passion to stand by their conviction and the sense of right or wrong? Why is the battle for ideals only reduced to opportunistic escapism for some, who only hold on to things per their whims and convenience? Why is there such lack of appreciation for genuine passion and the courage to be different, even if it may not align with the most prevalant or popular?

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Best Bengali Films of the Decade – Ranked


The 2010s is coming to a close and we are in the process of compiling the Best of what cinema had to offer for us from 2010 – 2019. We have already done a few articles on Hindi Films, listing the best films, best performances and the best musical albums of the period. You can find all articles related to the Best of the Decade Here. Today we start the journey for Bengali films, and will recall the Best Bengali Films of the Decade.

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